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Welcome to the Healthy Homes Council, a non-profit resource for all of your business or home based repair needs that occur from hurricanes, storm flooding, mold, poor air quality and plumbing or roof leaks occurring from isolated incidents or natural disasters.

What We Do

The Healthy Homes Council and its network arranges for an inspection of your business or home FREE of charge.

The results of the inspection determine the next steps for your repairs or mitigation work, whether it is mold, other hazardous living condition, and help you complete a policy review. Documentation follows in order to report the condition. Followed up with a plan to contact the organization responsible for managing known hazards or environmental dangers.

How We Help

Healthy Homes Council provides an inspection free of charge to identify and address any damages or needed repairs that may cause health issues. With you and your team, we actively assist home and business owners in mitigating and resolving any potentially harmful environmental conditions.

We work with a network of service professionals which include roofers, plumbers, water restoration specialists, and public adjusters. The professionals are carefully investigated to ensure top quality construction, follow through and completion of each site, so nothing is left unfinished or in poor condition. The professionals we work with to help you overcome unhealthy or stressful conditions in your home, consist of not for profits, government sponsored agencies, insurance, construction and water mitigation experts.

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